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SCW Technologies focuses on the global problem of waste plastics. Our patent-pending technology converts plastic to it's original petro-chemical state using water, providing an innovative, cost effective solution to plastic marine litter and the landfilling of end-of-life-plastics.

The Problem

Production of plastic has come at a breakneck pace: almost half of the plastic ever manufactured has been made in the past 15 years. In 2015 alone, over 440 million tons were produced worldwide, almost half of which was for single use (transport or storage and then thrown away). There are an estimated 34+ million metric tons of plastics landfilled or incinerated in the US and Canada each year. Worse yet, 9 million tons end up in the ocean annually.

The Opportunity

Plastic...we made it, we need it, we are drowning in it! Since the mid-1950's, over 9.2 billion metric tons of plastics have been produced. Almost 1/3 of these plastics remain in use today. Of the rest, only 500 million tons (about 6%) of these plastics have been recycled while the majority, over 6 billion tons, have been discarded (55%) or incinerated (8%). But what if we could somehow reuse the petrochemicals locked in the form of plastic? Closed Loop partners recently published report suggests that technologies that can repurpose plastics into valuable materials could meet an addressable market need of $120 billion in US and Canada alone.

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